A New York Chinatown Dumpling Run

by brian on July 8, 2011

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One of my favorite pastimes is eating. You may not think so by looking at me, but it’ss something that I throughly enjoy. On my round the world trip, many highlights included food. Whether injera in Ethiopia or a French baguette and roasted chicken in Paris, food is not only for life, but also for living.

While I’m in New York, I’m a not a big go out and eat every night. I like the food trucks that have been come a big party of the city scene over the last few years. When I went to Governor’s Island earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of sampling many of the food trucks that crisscross the city streets. Lines were long, but I managed to get a sampling of dishes I would not normally get.

I saw a post online about New York Chinatown dumpling spots. Having driven and walked through Chinatown but not really stopping, I took this as an opportunity to travel and explore in my own town, as so many people like to do.

After taking the 6 train down to the famous Canal Street, bypassing the counterfeit Gucci bags and fruit and fish markets, I made a straight line to the first stop of the day.

The first check-in was at Fried Dumpling (pretty straight forward name, no?) at 106 Mosco Street. The lady behind the counter looked like she could be the Asian equivalent of the Soup Nazi. For a $1 you get 5 dumplings fresh from the frying pan. Tasty. But I didn’t like the fact that they water down the soy sauce and the hot sauce. No good Ms. Dumpling Lady.

I was so hungry I forgot to get a picture here. Next time, I promise.

To Eldridge Street I went next where the next two stops were – first was Prosperity Dumpling at Number 46. Personally my favorite, fried to a golden brown, so hot the scald your mouth but you can’t help it. And the condiments were not watered down thank you very much. Don’t expect to go here or Fried Dumpling with a big crowd. These are hole in the wall establishments. Delicious food, but very small seating areas. There are maybe 6 bar stools and a foood counter for you to sit at. Fortunately food tastes better when you it in in a street from a styrofoam container.

IMG 0459 224x300 A New York Chinatown Dumpling Run

So good!

If you insist on being all uppity and need someplace to sit down, the last stop on the tour is 115 Eldridge Street, the home of Fu Zhou Cuisine. You get 12 dumplings for $3, a tremendous deal for the amount of filling dumplings you get. These are not fried, but boiled. Sit down with a group or share a plate with someone.

IMG 0463 300x224 A New York Chinatown Dumpling Run

Pass the Huy Fong hot sauce

At the end of the day, I did 25+ dumplings in about an hour and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s hard to eat food when you don’t know where to go. Especially when you’re hungry, you don’t want to mess around and risk a bad meal. Next time in New York City, head for Chinatown and get a cheap meal or meals for literally pennies.

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Kris Koeller July 13, 2011 at 4:52 PM

Every visitor to NYC gets a trip to Fried Dumpling. Most are surprised you can get any thing that good for that cheap in NYC. Hard to beat 5 for $1…


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