Best Travel Deals and News – August 23, 2011 – How to Use a Squat Toilet, Prevent Travel Burnout, Travel Scams to Avoid, New Airline Passenger Protection, Traveling with Disabled Kids

by brian on August 23, 2011

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Free Things to See and Do in Cities all over the U.S.
Most major US cities are represented and it a great resource for anyone coming to the United States.

Travel Video of the Week
When To Buy Airplane Tickets

Free Things to Do on a Cruise
Even with the all inclusive cruises, there are many things that add additional cost aboard a cruise ship. Here are something you may not thought of, especially if you’re going your first cruise.

How to Use a Squat Toilet Like a Pro
The squat toilet. Some people approach it like an adventure in personal hygiene. Others won’t even approach it and will hold in the goods until they can get to “real” facilities. For those of you too scared to use them, this is your chance for a lesson on how to use the properly, without making a mess,

10 Travel Destinations for the Broken-Hearted
A nice varied list of places around the world not all related to love. More like interesting distractions after a bad or messy breakup. Actually any place you want to travel to is the place you need to be after a breakup.

15 Totally Awkward Solo Travel Situations and How to Cope with Them
This is a big fear among many travelers and why they won’t travel on their own. There are all kinds of situations that make the solo traveler uncomfortable, especially for women. Questions about your marital status, eating alone, even taking pictures of yourself create problems that prevent people from traveling because they don’t want to face them. Great article and great ideas on how to get around them.

How to Prevent Travel Burnout
Travel slower is a big one and my fast travel on my round the world trip made me ready to come on home when I did. But sometimes you don’t know how much time you have and you want to get to all the places you want to get to.

Travel with disabled kids
Kids should have travel in their lives as soon as possible, and disabled kids should not be limited in their travels. With some research and a lot of patience, any child can get the chance to experience a new world.

Four Strategies to Accumulate Frequent Flier Miles Faster
4 things you should keep in mind as you try to accumulate all the frequent flyer miles you can. It’s really not that difficult to gain miles if you really try.

Crowd-Sourcing for Travel Advice
Better than posting your travel plans to Facebook and Twitter? Perhaps. One thing that was mentioned in the comments is that you never want to be too specific about when you’re going away. You might find your home/apartment empty because of a robbery when you come back.

New rules for airlines kick in to protect fliers
New regulations that are meant to protect passengers from airlines behaving badly. Some say that US government sticking its nose further in the airline industry will hasten its demise. Maybe. But I’m always on the side of passengers who are really at the mercy of airlines and don’t have much recourse.

Top 10 list: What would you take home from a hotel room?
Are the pillows really that good to be #1?

10 popular travel scams around the world
And knowing is half the battle…

The passports that allow their holders to go almost anywhere
If you’re a citizen of Sweden, Finland, or Denmark, the world welcomes you with open arms without needing to even fill out an application for a visa. If you’re a citizen of Somalia, Iraq or Afghanistan, you’re going to have go through some paperwork to travel the world.

How about a vacation to Afghanistan?
Uhhhhh, no not me. Any vacation that could have me at the center of an international incident I’m not really interested in.

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