Best Travel Deals and News – August 9, 2011 – How To Save Money On Cruises, Vacation Like a US President, Using Priceline to Buy Travel, How to Hire A Travel Guide

by brian on August 9, 2011

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Where to Get the World’s Best Service

Sometimes you don’t need to tip and can still expect great service. Shocking to us Westerners, but it is true. I remember restaurant owners refusing tips when I was in Bangkok. A plate of filling delicious food would be $2-$3 US and you want to show your gratitude by leaving something extra. That’s a no go in Thailand, Japan and many other places.

8 Ways To Secure Your Home While You Travel

These are all well and good but people better learn that social media can be your worst enemy when you travel. Going Europe for 6 six weeks? Don’t announce it to the world if you know your apartment will be empty. Might as well put a “ROB ME” sign on the door.

Travel Video of the Week
Crash course with a Priceline newbie

Using Travel Forums and Message Boards for Trip Planning

The best information comes from fellow travelers like yourself. Post a question, receive an answer. See a question you can answer? Go ahead and be helpful to someone else. The traveling public benefits from this type of sharing by making better trips for everyone.

Travel is Not a Contest (& Other Reasons to Embrace Slow Travel)

My round the world trip was built on speed. I had the opportunity and just had to hit all the spots I ever wanted to see. My second time around I would definitely go slower. Maybe stay a month in one location. One big benefit would be to save money. Constantly jumping into a plane, boat or bus to get to the next destination is very costly.

How to choose a reputable adventure travel company or guide

Ask ask ask a lot of questions and get recommendations if you can. This is where the blogs and message boards come in very handy. Why spend your money blindly when someone else has had the experience already?

Five Ways to Help Your Car Survive Extreme Heat

Summer is going to be hell on your car. No one wants to be on the side the of road with smoke billowing out from under the hood. Check your fluids and belts too. Best best is to take in you car in the spring for a good check up before hitting the roads in the summer.

Taking the stress out of summer travel with children

The kids are out of school. That does not mean you and your kids need to go to crazy trying to get to the family vacation. Take some easy tips to lessen the pressure of traveling with kids, and prevent the evil stares of other travelers.

How to vacation like the President

American Preisdents always seem to have the coolest vacation spots. Where do they go and what do they do when they get there? Now you can too…without the Secret Service protection and the weight of the world on your shoulders…

How to haggle to save money in Europe

I thought Europe was a no-haggle zone, much like the United States. Guess not. Every culture has their own way of doing it. Take some tips and save the cash.

How to Beat the High Costs of Dialing Abroad

How do you stay in communication when you travel internationally? The tech savvy probably have Skype or Google Voice set up. All they need is a WiFi connection and you’re set for cheap or free calls. Others opt for a cheap or unlocked cell phone and then buy SIM cards from local carriers. I’ve done both and work for your needs wherever you are.

8 tips to save you money on cruises

I keep saying I’m going to do a cruise, and I keep collecting posts like these hoping I’ll be able to use these tips myself. In the meantime, you use them and tell us how they work out for you.

Don’t steal the hotel towels… they’re electronically tagged with traceable microchips!

Is theft really that bad that they have to go to what I consider extreme measures to ensure towels don’t leave the building? For those of you who like to “collect” towels and robes from hotels, have you considered how many times that piece of cotton has been washed and touched the nether regions of hundreds of people prior to you?

Murder at the Met? Museum games lure would-be sleuths

Looks like fun for those of you who want to live your “Law and Order” detective fantasies…

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