USA Passport Day 2011 – How To Get a US Passport If You Really Want One

by brian on August 18, 2011

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New update: Passport Day 2011 is rescheduled for September 17, 2011. YES!


Thankfully the powers that be decided that this event was important enough to not scrap it until next year. As the world becomes closer and more connected, Americans need to be out there experiencing it and meeting people and cultures from all over the world. Good for the State Department for rescheduling. Now we just need to make sure the word gets out.

Check for the location Passport Office nearest you here: Passport Day in the USA 2011

UPDATE: Because of the potential for a government shutdown, Passport Day 2011 is cancelled until further notice – 8:19PM EST 04/08/11

This year’s annual Passport Day, sponsored by the US State Department, is designed to give Americans a convenient date for them to apply for new passports, renew their old ones, get pages added or get other questions answered about their international travels.

Check the Passport Day 2011 information here

I do remember last year there were giveaways at certain offices, snacks, etc.

This would be a great opportunity to bring the family. If you have young children you can knock out all the applications at once. Go to the website above, download the applications and fill them out beforehand. Some facilities will be able to take your pictures right there in the passport office, so do check before you arrive at the office with an incomplete application.

Seems like Passport Day has been very successful in getting more people to apply for passports since most passport offices are normally closed on Saturdays. But remember you can get a passport application at most post offices around the country and online at the State Department’s website. This is another way the State Department is reaching out the citizens and also telling them about services they might not have known about. One of the most important would be registering your arrival in a foreign country. When disasters like the earthquake and tsunami strike in Japan or civiil unrest erupts in Egypt, the State Department could be your only source of information or help. Registering will help them find you if needed.

So head out to Passpport Day 2011 on April 9, get there early and get those new country stamps in your passport. I wish there were lines to get your passport like there are for the latest hit movie or game or electronic gadget…

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