Best Travel News and Deals – September 13, 2011 – Jobs That Pay You to Travel, Women and Travel, How to Avoid Baggage Fees, Bad Guys for Tourism

by brian on September 13, 2011

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Lesser-Known Jobs For Travel And How To Snag Them
If you’re a person who feels like you’ve been in a rut professionally and perhaps personally, there are opportunities for you to travel and have someone else pay for it. Don’t believe? Look at the bevy of jobs available for people with all kinds of skill sets. English teacher is the one many know about, but there are a wide variety of jobs that will pay for you to see the world.

Find the Right Volunteer Vacation Online
Many people would like to volunteer globally and this is a good resource to get started. You can pick country, length of stay, paid or unpaid, etc.

Travel Video of the Week
TSA – Why Liquids?

The TSA’s Youtube page needs friends. The TSA needs friends in general. Does anyone like them? Their videos are overwhelmingly disliked rather than liked. The videos are straightforward, some would say a little dry. But they try to explain their policies and procedures. This is more so for the infrequent traveler. Anyone who travels a lot or is in the industry probably has their own opinion and anything the TSA says or does will not change that. Look at a few of their videos and see if the dislike of their videos is warranted.

The Gender Gap in Travel: Myths and Revelations
Women have a different set of circumstances why they travel and the things that hold them back from traveling. As usual, the comments after the article are insightful, sometimes controversial, but always informative.

TSA watch: Is it “casual conversation” — or racial profiling?
It may never get any better. One of the long lasting legacies of 9/11 is the change in the way we travel. The TSA was born of 9/11 and has a hard time trying to balance the rights and privacy of passengers while trying to prevent terrorism. Causally talking to someone about their trip, what they are doing, what book they were reading on-board the flight, etc.
I can understand feeling indignant about being questioned when you’ve done nothing wrong and simply want to get from point A to point B. What are better alternatives for the TSA?

10 Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees
The baggage fees are not going away folks. Here’s what you can do to avoid them while everyone else pays them. Don’t you feel special?

Drug lords, despots and dictators: Are history’s bad guys good for tourism?
From Hitler in Germany to Escobar in Colombia to Ceausescu in Romania, the notorious among us will always attract attention. Probably not what the countries want to be known for, but it is a part of their history and something that others want to see for themselves.

Funniest Hotel Signs (PHOTOS)
Something light for a change. Why so serious?

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