Brooklyn Beefsteak – Beef, Beer and Fun? Yep.

by brian on September 26, 2011

I’m a big meat eater. In one word I am a Carnivore.

So when my friend Jason posted on Facebook about the Brooklyn Beefsteak, I had to bite (pun intended).

The Brooklyn Beefsteak is an event with unlimited beef, beer and fun. No side dishes, no wine, no salad. Nothing but beef and beer to wash it all down. It goes back a few hundred years, when politicians would have a beefsteak to influence men to vote for them. Women are not the only ones to know the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Politicians and anyone else trying to gain favor would have a beefsteak. The tradition died off until recently revived in Brooklyn.

I’d seen other events during the summer with unlimted clams or crabs and I considered them but I didn’t pull the trigger. As soon as I saw this, I bought my ticket for the 1PM seating and told Jason I would join him and his friends.

I got to the Bell House banquet hall about 12:30PM and glad I got there early. By the time 1PM came around the line was out the door. The burly security guard warned us twice: No throwing of food! I guess that makes sense. People get a few drinks in them and then act stupid. I don’t mind kicking out food throwers. I don’t want to see perfectly good beef wasted. It should be thrown in your mouth, not at other people.

The main hall was laid out with 12-15 long tables, which held out about 30 people each. We quickly grabbed a table strategically close to the bar and bathroom. I was driving so I wasn’t drinking, but my tablemates more than made up for me.

Here was my first misconception: I thought there would be stacks of meat, full cuts, bone-in that we would just grab off huge platters. Not quite. The portions were appetizer sized placed on a piece of hor d’oeuvre sized bread. Deliciious nonethesless, but I expected to be gnawing on a t-bone, face greasy from the beef dripping down my face. Alas, was not to be.

Brooklyn Beefsteak5 Brooklyn Beefsteak   Beef, Beer and Fun? Yep.

Brooklyn Beefsteak2 Brooklyn Beefsteak   Beef, Beer and Fun? Yep.

But that disappointment was slowly washed away by the mounds and mounds of beef coming out on platters. They would lay a silver platter on the tables and then run back to get the next batch. And now reading the history of beeksteaks, these smaller cuts are the norm. Read a History of Beeksteaks.

The Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. (yes, all of that is the name of the band) played lively hilbilly and country tunes. No dancing as I think the bellies of everyone was filled with fresh off the grill meat. Beyond that I think dancing would have been a problem considering all the alcohol consumed. Most people were content to eat whatever was put in front of them, drink pitchers of beer and happily talk with their table mates. Just like they did back in the day.

Brooklyn Beefsteak4 Brooklyn Beefsteak   Beef, Beer and Fun? Yep.

Bellies with meat and alcohol at the end of three hours. A great time had by all!

Brooklyn Beefsteak3 Brooklyn Beefsteak   Beef, Beer and Fun? Yep.

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