Best Travel News and Deals – September 27, 2011 – Fly a Private Jet at Coach Prices, More Single Cabins on Cruise Ships, How to Travel Long Term on the Cheap, Get a Hotel When Everything is Booked

by brian on September 27, 2011

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How The Iran Hikers Could Have Avoided Their Hellish Holiday
Ummmm hire a guide? GPS? Common sense? Just glad it is over for them.

Travel Video of the Week
Hitchhiker Travels 5,000 Miles, Meets 930 People, Across US

Time lapsed video of the many many people this hitchhiker met along the way. For more information about his trip check out his interview.

Try a Private Jet, at Public Prices
Ever wanted to ride in style like a boss? You can within reason. With a combination of persistence, the Internet and some luck, you can get a private jet for prices closes to what to you pay in business class. If you’re really in luck you can get a ticket for coach prices.

More singles cabins slated for cruise line
Yeah for single cruises, who I’ve talked about before getting the short end of the stick. Single cruisers = money left on the table. The cruise lines are looking to collect all that money.

How New Generation of Young Global Jet-Setters Rack Up Frequent-Flier Miles
I had no concept of frequent flyer miles or even international travel when I was coming out of college. Those fortunate enough to get involved early get great benefits and a world view that serves them well in their business and personal lives.

How to Avoid Food Sickness While Traveling
This talks about food poisioning when you travel but that doesn’t mean it does not happen at home. I got e-coli poisisong at a hotel banquet in New Jersey. Laid me out for two days. Abroad I got sick my last time in Egypt. Running a fever and becoming the “King of the Bathroom Throne” is no fun at all. And even with all the precautions, you can never really completely avoid it. Being a vegetarian does not exclude you from trouble. In fact fruits and vegetables can be an easier way to transmit food borne disease.

Can complaining too much get you booted from a frequent flier program?
In a world – YES. Airlines can decide you are not worth the trouble if you complain all the time and they have to pay some type of compensation to you. They’d rather drop your business than dealing with you anymore.

How to travel the world without paying a penny
I bought the book reference in the article and will post a review about it. In the meantime, the idea seems completely valid.

8 Legit Ways to Travel for Free on Your RTW
Again, perfectly valid ways to travel for free or for very little money. Many times it requires thinking outside of the box, because you’ve probably never heard of other people using these ideas.

No Vacancy? No Problem! Find a Great Hotel Room When Everything Is Booked
Isn’t that the worst feeling? You can’t get the hotel room you want, there are no vacancies so you are forced to travel even more to get a hotel room. Or pay through the nose for a room. Or get a room in a substandard hotel. There are ways around it. The first thing is to call the hotel DIRECTLY as opposed to calling the national/international number for booking.

Beginner’s Guide to Gaining Points in Frequent Flyer Programs
If you keep hearing about frequent flyer miles but don’t know where to get started, this is a great primer on what to do to begin.

Which airlines were voted the World’s Best by passengers
The only US based carrier in the top 10 is Virgin America and only one more US carrier in the top 20. What do US based carriers need to do to break into this list?

The problem with staying in hostels
It doesn’t end the way you think it does….

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