Best Travel Deals and News – September 20, 2011 – How To Pick A Cruise, Cook in Your Hotel Room, Travel Scams to Avoid in Europe, Amtrak Shutdown

by brian on September 20, 2011

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How to pick the perfect cruise
Cruise ships have personalities. Didn’t know that? Some are more fun-loving. Some are laid back. Some are adventurous and outgoing. That is only one of the criteria you should use when picking a cruise ship.

10 steps to getting through TSA airport checkpoints quickly
Cooperate or you’ll be in trouble. I think that is the takeaway from this article. And the author is completely right. Running in the line with an indignant attitude is only going to get you delayed and potentially in a world of trouble.

Travel Video of the Week
Cook Breakfast in a Hotel Room with an Iron and Coffeemaker

I’m sure the hotels don’t want you to see this but many enterprising travelers have decided that they would prefer to cook with an iron than eat in the hotel restaurant. Not sure about the fire hazards though….

Common scams to watch for while traveling in Europe
Europe is not known for violent crimes, but for the pickpockets and con artists who will try to remove you from your valuables. Maintain your personal space when you’re walking the streets and you can eliminate the chances of being victimized.

Amtrak Shutdown?
Arthur Frommer writes about the potential shutdown of Amtrak. This is very much under the the radar as this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Ridiculous or not? Lie-flat airline seats = snoring epidemic
Snoring? On planes? Seems like they are getting so comfortable people are making themselves at home. That includes snoring like a buzzsaw. This is another reason you should always have your earplugs on a flight.

Suriname, South America’s Hidden Treasure
You’ve probably never heard of this country. No more. Consider it for your passport.

Where to Find Travel Bargains in South America
South America ain’t cheap. You think it is and then you really start have to look hard for deals. One thing I noticed in the comments from readers is the general consensus that Argentina is NOT a bargain destination. Another way the comments are sometimes as valuable as the article itself.

The Love Boat, North Korea Style
Not one American visited North Korea last year. There weren’t many other tourists from other countries. Hence the new cruise ship to entice travelers to visit. Keep working on that North Korea…

How to take amazing travel photos
The camera does not need to be better, you need to be better. The latest, greatest camera won’t make a difference without the photographer taking steps to get the best picture possible.

Can complaining too much get you booted from a frequent flier program?
In a word: yes

How to travel the world without paying a penny
Working abroad is something more people should consider, especially with the economy in the dumps. But people don’t want to move from their families, their friends, etc. If you’re interested in travel working abroad can serve two purposes – getting you to explore the world and also keep food in your mouth and a roof over your head.

It’s named what!?! The worst names for restaurants ever
Someone wasn’t thinking about all the ramifications of the names when coming up with them. The results are hilarious and head scratching at the same time.

25 Air Travel Tips For Seniors (And Others)
Good common sense tips that are always well worth repeating.

7 Things You Learn About Yourself (and the World) While Traveling Solo
I learned to trust myself and that the world is not scary. In fact the world is as scared of you as you are of it.

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