Look How Cheap A Round the World Ticket Is

by brian on September 8, 2011

Back in September 2008, I was just let go from my job and instead of fretting in front of the TV watching the world economy collapse, or rushing from interview to interview trying to find work, I was planning my round the world trip.

I find the times strangely similar to 2008.

Layoffs. Consumer confidence is low. Governments trying to prop up their economies. More layoffs.

And in the middle of this I decided to travel around the world. What was I thinking?

Mainily I was thinking the world wasn’t going to end no matter the financial situation, and this might be my only chance to go and see the rest of the planet.

One of the biggest hurdles to the trip was figuring out my plane tickets. I heard about round the world tickets and started to do my research. I decided to look at the airline alliances (Skyteam, OneWorld, Star Alliance) or a ticket broker like Airtreks to book everything.

I found the airline alliances a little too restrictive. They wanted to me to go in one direction. all the time, east to west or west to east. No backtracking. They wanted to put a cap on my mileage and/or number of stops. Knowing that I decided to piece together my trip with Airtreks.

Hawaii, check. Then where too? Tokyo? Yup. Got to make a stop in Bangkok. You say it’s cheaper to stop in Doha on my way to South Africa? OK… and so on . That’s how I built my ticket. Today I might do things differently, especially since I’m better versed in the value of frequent flyer miles. I did about 30,000 miles in 4 months. I think that would be good for something in one the airline alliances.

The cost is what scares people off. Let me clarify. What they THINK the cost is scares them off.

They always think it is some astronomical number that requires a trust fund to pay for. Trust me when I say I am no trust fund baby. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Round the world tickets are CHEAP…well, relatively speaking of course. Check some of these real specials from the Airtreks website.

Airtreks Look How Cheap A Round the World Ticket Is

Can't afford this? Sure you can...

Airtreks2 Look How Cheap A Round the World Ticket Is

Cut back on your cable and buying lunch and you can getting across the planet

These prices are affordable if you make a living wage. It will require you to sacrifice but it can be done. And remember these are only two of the many examples. You can mix and match your destinations to your heart’s content. Remember too that the alliances have their own advantages. Whatever method you use, a round the world trip is always accessible and possible, even in an economic downturn.

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