Best Travel Deals and News – September 6, 2011 – Don’t Trust the Hotel Safe, Prevent Hurricanes from Stopping Your Trip, Travel Health Tips, How to Use Hotel Reward Points

by brian on September 6, 2011

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When Driving Avoid These 7 Common Gas-Guzzling Mistakes
With more people driving as opposed to flying, these tips will keep you out of the money guzzling gas stations. The fastest fix you can do right now is to make sure your tires are inflated to the right pressure. Inflated properly, your ride’s gas consumption will go down.

What to Do If a Hurricane Threatens Your Trip
With this active hurricane season this is something you have to think about. When is hurricane season? June 1 to November 30 for those of on the Atlantic side of the world. And if you have a trip planned, especially cruises, you have to be aware of what you need to do in case a storm shows up.

Travel Video of the Week
Don’t Trust Your Hotel Room Safe

The hotel safe you put your money and passport in? Not so safe after all (no pun intended). But what do you do with your valuables in a hotel room? Consider a backpack that locks to a permanent fixture in the room, like a closet support or a bed frame.

How To Work On A Luxury Yacht
If you need an excuse to travel the world and work while you do it, this is a great way to make this happen. If you having some boating skills, this can work for you. Heck, even if you don’t have boat skills, someone always needs a cook on a yacht.

How to get your duty-free purchase home
I generally don’t make purchases at the airport. I don’t find that I save any money buying purchases there. But some folks swear by duty free. If you’re one of the people, these tips will help you get your stuff home faster and less expensively..

Travel Health Secrets for Long Term Digital Nomads
A long term traveler explains how she and her family stay healthy after 6 years of continuous travel. One thing you can take away from this is that they used a little bit of common sense and old school and new school medicine. Traditional medicine with acupuncture and holistic healing techniques have kept them upright and healthy after many health mishaps along the way.

How to get sweet housesitting gigs around the world
Housesitting is one of the ways you can avoid a hotel on the road. Many times it works best if you’re going to be in a location a long period of time. But even the short term traveler can possibly find a home that needs an “owner” for a period of time. House sitting also lets you really get the feel of a neighborhood and not be stuck in the tourist areas of town.

Hey, America: Take a vacation!
We Americans have less vacation time than other industrialized nations. But what do we do about it? Must people don’t have the luxury to set their own hours. It will take a national changing of mindset to get more vacation time for American workers. I don’t know if that will ever happen without federal mandate.

How to do Broadway on a budget
Broadway shows are part of the big attraction of New York City. The costs can be prohibitive if you don’t know where to find cheap tickets.

Why you should always keep boarding passes after the flight
If you need to prove that you took your flight for the frequent flyer miles hold onto that stub.

How to Cook While Traveling to Save Time, Money & Your Health
One thing that goes by the wayside when you travel is your health. Healthy eating and working don’t take as much precedence as getting to the airport and exploring your latest destination. So how do you keep a balance of the two?

How to Take Advantage Of Hotel Rewards Points
Hotel points are coming up to a level comparable to frequent flyer points. In fact besides free nights in hotels, the points from hotels can be used for plane tickets.

How to Be Treated like a VIP, Even When Sitting in Coach
The key: You have to pay for it, much like anything else with the airlines. But the benefits many times outweigh the cost if you have a particular need. If you are elderly, disabled, or with kids, some of the advantages of paying will see benefits immediately. If you have a long layover or if you get to the airport early, buy your way into the first class lounges. For $50 you can get free WiFi, buffet meals and comfortable seating. Some lounges even have places where you can shower.

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