Best Travel Deals and News – October 25, 2011 – Las Vegas, Traveling While Sick, Foreign Car Rental Fees, How to Avoid Flights that Get Canceled, Tourism in Libya

by brian on October 25, 2011

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December in Las Vegas is a cheapskate’s dream
It really is. There has not been a better time to be on the Strip and not going broke to do it. The best times for the deepest cuts are during the week, but even significant discounts can be had on the weekend.

Cancelled Flights, Drunk Passengers – How to Keep Travel Nightmares From Happening to You
You can’t do much about drunk passengers (except not be one yourself) but for the cancelled flights, make sure you jump in line to change your flight, while you are on your cell phone talking to airlines reservations and if you can also trying to access the website via your tablet or laptop. If you can do 2 out of 3, you’ll beat out the rest of the passengers who can’t/won’t do that.

Travel Video of the Week
Spring in Cambodia and Thailand through the eyes of a couple traveling together. The photography is amazing along with the music used with it.

The Risks of Churning Mileage Credit Cards
You risk dinging your credit score or being rejected for future credit cards but the benefits for some outweigh it. Free tickets, access to airline lounges, free or reduced prices for luggage, etc. But it definitely requires someone who can keep track of the mileage plans and making sure you’re not spending too much on purchases or annual fees.

10 Dos and Don’ts of Traveling While Sick
Don’t travel. Stay home…if you can. Maybe the Japanese have it right with the face masks they walk about with in public. It seemed weird when I was in Tokyo, but it is really courteous to the person next to you to try to contain the germs and prevent others from getting sick.

Do you have the right to recline your seat on a plane?
You have the right, but is it right? The airlines are not making the seats any bigger and the passengers are getting bigger. Sometimes when you recline you are sitting in the lap of the person behind you. Not comfortable for any. I don’t know what a good solution is.

Keep more of your money – 6 foreign car-rental fees to watch for on vacation
This pretty much applies to renting a car in Western Europe but good to think about when you’re renting outside of the United States. For instance, I had no idea that there was a fee for picking up in one country and then dropping off in another. You may not think about it if you’re an American, but going from one country to another is common place in Europe.

Thanksgiving Flight Shopping Guide
If you haven’t bought your ticket yet for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years’, time is running out. Airlines have cut back the number of seats which is raising the prices for this short time frame of the year.

6 trends changing the hotel industry
I don’t know anyone who would take a tub bath in a hotel room but nonetheless, tubs are going away in hotel rooms. I like the electronic check-in. The keycard is sent in advance and activated on the day or your arrival with your room number. That would save lots of time wasted standing in line to be handed a key or key card. Love it!

How to avoid flights that may get canceled
The Internet is the great equalizer. Included in the post is how to look up the on-time and flight cancellation history of any flight number. That is your first step. Then there are other smaller steps you can take to avoid those flights. Now maybe you are trying to be on the flight that is cancelled so you get the money the airline is offering or other goodies. Just do the reverse of what the article says.

Eat Breakfast with a Giraffe
This sounds so fantastic. This huge head sticking in the dining room have a meal with you.

What do pilots do during long flights?
You would hope not sleep or overshoot their destinations, as some pilots have done. Most times it is very mundane. The riskiest time in flying an aircraft is during takeoffs and landings. Once you’re in the air, pilots are course correcting and trying to avoid turbulence.

Ads add up for airlines, but some fliers say it’s too much
I have not noticed ads inside the cabins of my recent flights. But if this means airlines are making money, I can expect that I will see it soon enough.

Beat huge wireless roaming charges when abroad
You always hear the stories of $500, $1000, $2000+ phone bills when people return from a trip overseas. It does not have to be that way. Just taking a few prudent steps can save you the aggravation of pleading your case to a cell phone company rep over the phone.

Will Gadhafi’s death reopen Libya to tourism?
Not me, not yet.

Have Tickets on American Airlines? There’s No Reason to Worry About Bankruptcy
American Airlines was talking about Chapter 11 recently. As many have said, don’t even worry about it…for now. But hasn’t American been collecting all these fees like the other airlines? Where did the money go?

TSA Watch: “Because of your attitude you have earned a trip into our body scanner!”
You know it should not have to come to this, but you’ve got to keep your cool when in the airport. Escalating a fight with the TSA could mean being inconvenienced or worse. We know it’s wrong and they should get you on the flight. But the unscrupulous among them will be willing to take some revenge on someone who gave them grief.

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