Best Travel Deals and News – October 4, 2011 – Airbags on Planes, Airline Safety, Behind the Scenes at an Airport, How To Get Back What You Left on the Plane, How to Go Camping in New York City

by brian on October 4, 2011

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Airbags lift off: Airplanes offer safety devices in some seatbelts
If you get on a flight and your seat belt looks/feels a little different, you may have an airbag in it. Only specific seats on the plane have it however. I can only imagine it will be a matter of time before it is installed in all seats.

Worst Drinking-on-a-Plane Incidents
Please folks, drink in moderation on flights. Or else you might be doing the perp walk as you exit the plane for your indiscretions.

Travel Video of the Week
On a Cruise Ship — Enjoying the Easy Life, Poolside
From Rick Steves, a personally shot short video walking around a cruise ship. It is huge and gaudy and some would cruise ship passengers NOT travelers. I say whenever you’re going someplace new you are a traveler.

Free Flights? Award Upgrades? Don’t Count on Them for Much Longer
The merger of United and Continental means that frequent flyer miles are getting restricted in some areas, especially if you are an elite level flyer. The consensus is that frequent flyer miles are getting harder and harder to redeem so this will not help anyone get the seats and flights they would like to use with their points.

How 2 Minutes of Prep Can Save Your Life in an Airline Accident
What they are saying: Pay attention to the flight attendants who point out the exits, demonstrate putting on the face mask and pointing out the lights in the aisle. Most travelers ignore them, but the information could save your life in an emergency.

The Travel Tip Alphabet From A to Z
Common sense, helpful, and always good to repeat.

Camping? In New York City? Yes…
I had no idea you could camp in New York City and I’m sure you didn’t either.

Win 200,000 AAdvantage Miles
Even if you don’t win you get 100 flyer miles just for entering.

Behind the scenes at LAX
As you get on your flight, you probably never think about all the processes and people required to get you through the airport and into the air safely. This backstage look at LAX calls to attention the part of the airport we don’t see, besides the TSA security lines.

Leave something on the airplane? Here’s how to get it back
How you get it back: You hurry back to the airport and talk to someone in person. You can be easily dismissed if you call on the phone. Don’t leave anything in the seat pocket where the magazines are. They are the black hole from which your purse, cell phone or other items won’t reappear from. Not only that, they are dirty. Everyone puts their garbage and used tissues in there.

Young travel writers Wanted for Volunteer Trip to China
If you’re 18-23 and wanted to go to China, this is your chance.

4 things I learned on a round-the-world yacht race
Round the world travel does not have to involve planes, trains, buses and automobiles. You can do it in a yacht race too. That mode of transport and the nature of the race brought about lessons that you would not get from the usual modes of travel. Or maybe they are the same lessons, just in a different vehicle, so to speak…

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