Best Travel Deals and News – October 11, 2011 – How To Get A Hotel Upgrade, Bad Kids on Flights, Free Tours in Japan, How To Get Kicked Off A Plane

by brian on October 11, 2011

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10 impossibly amazing trips of a lifetime
Some of these are James Bond-esque in their nature. Diving to the underwater techtonic plates. Getting to the most remote island in the world. Trekking in Borneo.

Personal Tour Guides a Rare Bargain in Japan
There are volunteer guide programs all over the world and they are a great way to see a city from a local’s point of view. Taking you away from the tourist traps will only make your trip better and give you a different perspective.

Travel Video of the Week
How to achieve your one travel dream

Lecturer who had a dream to get to Antarctica and talked about all the ways he tried to get there. Eventually he just got on a bus and kept going south.

TSA watch: Are screeners preying on sick passengers?
Sick passengers are the low hanging fruit so to speak of and therefore easier to pick on when at the airport. I don’t understand this. Do they think the sick passenger has nothing left to live for and will try to take down a plane and all its passengers to go out with a bang, so to speak? I’d love for the TSA to address this directly.

Lost in Paris
One of the most popular destinations in the world and some ideas for you to check out in the City of Light.

Program could shorten wait at airport security checkpoints
Conflicted. I would love to speed through the lines at the airport. But at what cost? How much more privacy do we need to give up so that we are TRUSTED by government?

10 Tips for Getting a Free Hotel Room Upgrade
Hotel room upgrades are like airline upgrades. There are multiple methods to getting them, and if you get one without doing anything its like a surprise birthday gift. Here are some ways you can better your odds of getting an upgrade.

25 Reasons to Avoid Hostels
You all know I love hostels. Fellow travelers hate them with a passion. Their reasons are perfectly legitimate. Take a look and see if you agree. You can always check out Airbnb or Couchsurfing as an alternative if you can’t/won’t do hostels anymore.

A local’s guide to Lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan is widely known for Wall Street and now for 9/11. But there is much more history in Lower Manhattan than people realize.

Amtrak: more popular – and more at risk – than ever
Amtrak has had record ridership in the last year. But they are still at risk losing funding because the revenue generated does not cover all of its costs.

The best cargo cruises
Cruise ships? You want an adventure on the high seas? How about sailing on a cargo ship? You definitely won’t have the never-ending buffets, Broadway shows and casinos on board, but you will have a quiet trip with interesting ports of call along the way, and a diverse group of fellow travelers.

When to call on the concierge
The concierge is not just for the rich, or the business traveler with an expense account. The concierge is for everyone (even if you’re not staying overnight) and they take great pride in accomplishing the seemingly impossible. Give them your best request and watch them go to work!

10 Ways to Get Kicked Off a Plane
Too fat? Too stink ? Too loud? All the above and more can get you kicked off a plane.

Travel Etiquette: Flying with Kids
While this is taken from the other passengers’ perspective, I think the main responsibility for an unruly child is the parents. I know, crazy concept, right? How many times have you seen a child kicking the back of a seat, or yelling or running up and down the aisle and the parent pretends like it isn’t happening or gets defensive when confronted.

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