Best Travel Deals and News – October 18, 2011 – Is Egypt Safe To Travel To, Discuss Travel on Facebook, Ryanair Removing Toilets, How to Travel with Family, More Options When Searching for Flights

by brian on October 18, 2011

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Continental Passenger, Sues Airline Over Turbulence…
File this under RIDICULOUS. My lawyers out there, you ask why people don’t like you as a group? You didn’t bring the lawsuit, but one of you took it on.

Travel Video of the Week
Behind the scenes with a flight attendant — Crew Meals

You wonder how all the food on flights is heated and served? Wonder no more friends….

Not Just Couchsurfing Anymore… More Free Services That Put Hosts Together With Travelers
There are more and more services offering to connect travelers with hosts all around the world. It may make some people uncomfortable but free hosting of travelers is really taking off. I know travelers who have traveled around the world, mostly staying with other people who have put up their couches and spare beds.

Fine-Tuning Your Flight Search with More Options
There are many factors that go into finding a flight beyond just the price. Maybe taking the train is cheaper? Will the price fall or rise in the next few weeks? These and other questions can be answered by using different websites. Don’t depend on one service to search for flight information and pricing. You could be missing out on different criteria that could save you money or make it more convenient for you.

Ryanair Removing Toilets To Make Way For Seats
There is no date to implement this but Ryanair always seems to find more and more ways to puts its name in the mouths of travelers… for all the wrong reasons. There is no government or regulatory mandate that says there needs to be a minimum amount of bathrooms on a plane. In fact there is nothing that says there has to be ANY restrooms on the plane. Of course Ryanair would be the one company to find this loophole and potentially exploit it.

Twenty-five cruise lines offer sales this week
Looking for a cruise? The cruise lines are making a concerted effort to draw more people in and have coordinated to make deals all this week. Check out your favorite cruise line and see if they are going where you want to go and grab a deal.

Women-only floors at hotels making a comeback
They have the women only subways cars in Tokyo and Seoul. It seems only fitting that the women only floors make a comeback. I never knew it existed previously. How do they enforce that, if a guy accidentally or not got onto the women’s floor?

Meals Ordered by Smartphone, Delivered To Your Airport Gate While You Wait for Your Flight
I mean really? Is the airport that big that you have to order your food and have it delivered while you’re sitting waiting for your flight? Wait now that I think about it, maybe you don’t want to lose your seat?

When you and your travel companion clash
Compromise. Discuss. Compromise. Discuss. Repeat. If you don’t know your travel companion well beforehand, you could be in a world of hurt. Nothing is worse than traveling with someone you don’t like or can’t get along with. Discuss all the things that could come up beforehand. When you travel solo you don’t have these concerns. Couples have to do this all the time, but best friends, relatives traveling together have to maintain harmony. Talk it out.

Traveling with the family? Avoid these 7 mistakes
Family travel is a huge challenge. You have to somehow make both parents and kids happy. Potentially add grandparents, aunts, cousins and you have the recipe for a potential disaster. But many have done it successfully and so can you.

When Will Egypt Be Back On the Tourist Map?
Egypt is like Thailand was a year ago. Some people said go go go, you can avoid the riots. Others said stay away, you have no idea what could happen. They both are right depending on your perspective.

Talking Travel on Facebook Can Cause Trouble
We talked before about Facebook travel postings leading to robbery because people knew when your apartment or house is unoccupied. But now we need to think more about privacy. Is that photo going to be seen by the wrong person? A complete stranger? How about your boss who sees you totally boozed up on vacation? This is where tweaking your Facebook privacy settings becomes even more important to you if you’ve never thought about if before.

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