Best Travel Deals and News – November 1, 2011 – How to Pick Travel Luggage, Ask an Airline Gate Agent, Free Classes in New York City, Keeping Kids Safe When They Fly

by brian on November 4, 2011

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From loyal reader K.D.
I have not used this service but K.D. thought this would be a great idea for people who want to practice their language skills without having to travel around the world.

JetBlue passengers stranded on plane for hours
By now you’ve heard about this. Most planes take off and land without problem every day in the United States and around the world. To be stuck for 7 hours without working toilets, food or water is a shame. Couldn’t they get a bus and a portable staircase and get them off the plane? Couldn’t they have brought food and water to the plane if they couldn’t take the passengers off? None of this makes sense to me. Will the TSA enforce the rule that the airline be fined $27000 per passenger? I certainly hope so.

How To Keep Young Children Safe When Flying
The key to safety is that everyone on board should have their own seat. That means that every child should be a in car seat if they cannot be buckled into the seat. Parents try to save money and contend they can hold a child in their arms. But we’ve seen that bad turbulence can toss around a cabin and make everything, including your child, go flying.

Travel Video of the Week
International Currency Exchange

Practical tips for getting money in a foreign country. In a sentence: Don’t get money from a foreign exchange counter at the airport.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Ask An Airline Gate Agent
Great article! The confirmation that dressing a little better can get you a better chance of an upgrade is good news. Courtesy and making the life of the airline gate agent easier will better your chance for better treatment. Gate agents are people too and they’ll help those who are pleasant to them, just like anyone else would.

When You Should Have Booked Your Thanksgiving Flight? Ummm…Yesterday?
Stop reading this and BOOK NOW!

Left-Handed Travelers Face Hassles
Are you a left handed traveler? Do you notice the world is geared for righties as you travel?

IPads change economics, and speed, of hotel Wi-Fi
Anyone notice that their hotel wi-fi is slower? These networks were built anticipating that there would be one laptop connecting in a hotel room. Now you may have a laptop, tablet and smartphone in one room, all competing for bandwidth. Hotels might become like the cable companies and charge for higher speeds. Another potential profit center.

Who Travels the Most? [Chart]
The Europeans and Australians should dominate this category and they do, with more vacation time than other parts of the world. The US is so far behind because of the lack of time off.

5 train trips everyone should experience
Train travel is slow and leisurely. I did it from southern Thailand back to Bangkok just for a change of pace and throughly enjoyed myself on an overnight train. These other train rides around the world will give you a difference perspective from the one that has you standing in a airport security line.

How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage
This is great criteria to look at, but for me it is all about the backpack, even for short trips. Keeps your hands free and no chance of your luggage being lost or stolen because it is on your back.

5 places that offer free classes in New York
One of the best ways to experience a new place is to take a class. I took a cooking class in Thailand that was one of the many highlights of my round the world trip. In New York City, there are free classes of many kinds. These give you a chance to take in the city in a very nontraditional way.

How to fund your travel videos
If you’re a person who loves to travel and use your creative mind for videos of your adventures, you may want to get someone else to pay for it. Here are some ideas on how to get money for those travel videos you love to produce.

Top 25 Ways to Save on Paris Travel
Paris is the City of Light and one of the most popular destinations on the planet. Use these tips to maximize your time and your money.

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