Best Travel Deals and News – November 15, 2011 – How To Get the Best Hotel Rate, How Can a Teenager Travel, Best Ways to Find Cheap Airfares, Hidden Spots in the Caribbean

by brian on November 15, 2011

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How To Find Cheap Airfares In Any Season
The first 3 tips involve social media (Facebook, Twitter) and email. Those should be your first resources because they are the quickest to access. Also don’t forget the travel agent. They have been pushed to the side because of the Internet, but there are many instances when a travel agent is your best choice. If you’re taking a cruise for the first time, or traveling with a large group, or going to a very specialized location, a travel agent can be the best bet.

Frequent Flyer Tips That Only The Pros Know
A lot of the talk is about frequent flyer programs, which the airlines are using to keep the most loyal and high volume (high revenue) customers.

Travel Video of the Week
How to Survive a Plane Crash

Not something we want to think about, but the possibility is there when we get on a flight. The good news is that the odds are you should never need this information.

Your New US Passport May Need a “Shield”
I’d like to make a correction from the article. The author says you do not get your passport back. But I did get mine back when I renewed as part of Passport Day 2011. Not sure if that was a mistake or if there are circumstances where you don’t get your passport back.
The original intent of the article was to talk about the small chip in new passports that transmits information wirelessly. You’ll want to get a passport holder that blocks the radio signals from being picked from any person who is close enough to pull the information.

15 Ways to Get the Best Hotel Rate
Read them all. Use and reuse. That is all.

Burglar targets traveling Facebook friends
There have been stories about this before and I think it is great to mention it again. You must be careful when you announce your exact travel plans on Twitter, Facebook, etc. You never know who is watching and waiting to pounce on your house/apartment and possessions.

14 Ways to Ditch the Crowds in the Caribbean
Some ideas of places to hit in the Caribbean that only the savvy traveler or local resident know about.

How to battle jet lag in your KIDS
A new take on an old topic. Jet lag in young children. One parent admitted using cough medicine to get the kids to sleep on the flight. But the options for kids to beat jet lag are pretty much the same as for adults: Drink plenty of water, get sunlight in the new location and try to work/play according to the local time zone.

How can a 16-year-old travel?
Travel is possible for everyone: even a teenager who doesn’t have any money of her own. See some of the suggestions given to her.

Bizarre hotels: Sleep in a coffin or cliff-top yurt
I love the hostel inside of the decommissioned airliner.

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