Best Travel Deals and News – November 29, 2011 – Common Air Travel Myths Busted, How To Not Get Sick from an Airplane, Traveling Overland in Africa

by brian on November 29, 2011

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From loyal reader Karen
The World’s Best Airport Amenities

Need to go hiking before your flight to loosen your legs? How about some golf to practice your putting? More things you can do at airports around the world besides waiting around for your flight in hard seats and eating overpriced food.

The Plague Of American Cheapskates

Tip everyone everywhere. I think it is ingrained in me, even in cultures like Japan where they look at you strange when you leave a little something extra.

Mystery Illness Hits Cruise Ship, US Tourist Dies
Travel Video of the Week
The headline is a little deceptive. OK a lot deceptive. The mystery illness was actually the stomach flu. And the person who died had prexisting medical conditions that could have contributed to her death. But the point is that if you’re sick or even extremely out of shape, a trip of any kind could be hazardous to your health. Plus you’ll enjoy your trip more if you are active and alert. I can’t imagine a hypertensive and diabetic person like the woman who died could fully enjoy herself with her health failing.

Before You Die

Travel. Travel before you get old or life catches up with you and don’t know where the time went.

Cambodia’s surprising cuisine: Spiders, anyone?

I was going to Cambodia to eat the still beating heart of a cobra. Never got around to it. But there are other things you can eat that will make others queasy and nauseous. Have great stories for your friends back home and brownie points for being so adventurous.

Vending machine offers DIY banners at Dutch airport

I think this is a cute idea. Get to the airport and meeting a loved one? You can create a banner to greet them. “WELCOME HOME!” “CONGRATULATIONS!”, etc. Not sure how many times I’ve seen that in airports but maybe if the machines for banners are then more people would do it.

Common air travel myths — busted

Once that plane is in the air, the doors cannot be opened. The air pressure holds the door in place. Only Superman could open plane doors after takeoff.

The fun and pitfalls of taking a cruise

I keep posting these articles up and will continue to do so until I take a cruise.

Why flying on planes can make you sick – and how to stop it

Germs are everywhere on a plane. So what can you do? Wash your hands, don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth, and carry disinfectant wipes for the seat tray and other surfaces.

VIP Airport Lounge: An Oasis at the Airport

Even if you need to buy your way in, the $50 may be worth it, especially if you have a long layover. The amenities and potential free food could make that next flight that much easier and, dare I say it, enjoyable.

The TSA May Unwrap Your Christmas Gifts

Don’t wrap those Christmas gifts before your flight. Or else you might find that nice wrapping paper and all your work to put it on perfectly on the floor of the airport.

Affordable Africa: the pros & cons of overland truck tours

Doing an overland truck trip in Africa is one of those things that you really have to want to do, but once you get started it sounds like it would be a great adventure. Be ready for long rides, but you’ll have the safety of the group and an easier time getting through border crossings if you decide to go.

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Rhona December 18, 2011 at 10:03 PM

Brian, still following your blog. :)
So what are you doing now? Any new travel plans to come for 2012?


brian December 21, 2011 at 9:25 PM

2012 is wide open at the moment. Still traveling and still love talking about it. Thanks for reading!


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