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by brian on November 17, 2011

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All the pundits will tell you that email is slowly dying. Facebook, Twitter and cell phone text messages are eating away at the necessity of email. The iconic “You’ve got mail!” from AOL is not just decreasing for AOL users but for anyone with an email address.

But let me give you two reasons to start reading your email again.
There are only a few emails that I read as soon as they come into my inbox. I mean I will drop everything and read every single line.

The TravelZoo emails come out every Wednesday at approximately 11AM Eastern. They list the top 20 travel deals for the week as sent to them by airlines, cruise lines, resorts and other travel related companies. That can be anything from discounted airfare and cruises, Broadway shows, resort stays, etc. Most times the deals have certain restrictions but the offers are so tremendous that if you have the time and inclination, you could really get a steal of deal.

Some recent travel deals have included:

$599 — 13-Night Transatlantic Fall Cruise plus $100 Credit
$559 — Dominican Republic 6-Night Beach Escape from NYC
$2799 — Tanzania Serengeti Safari Vacation w/Air, $1500 Off
$10-$45 — Popular Las Vegas Shows, up to 80% Off

This is just a small sample. These deals usually have some type of time limitation or expiration. So as soon as the Wednesday email comes in, scan the list and jump on anything you like. Many of the best deals sell out very quickly.

Sovereign Man
Despite the name, this site is not just for men. Simon Black (not his real name) talks about topics relevant to those of us who want to be prepared. The world, and especially the world economy, is in constant flux. Some would use the word “disarray” and think the system could collapse at any time. Governments are tightening their control over citizens, many times with the pretense of preventing terrorism or financial collapse. Black advocates getting a second citizenship and passport, diversifying your income stream, opening businesses and bank accounts around the world and generally not being dependent on any one system or goverment. His motto in two words would be “self sufficiency”.

Topics covered in the last few weeks have included

Government crackdowns around the world including the United States
Radiation exposure from TSA airport screening machines
Disadvantages to getting a second passport (truth be told not many)
Setting up businesses in Chile
Setting up bank accounts in Singapore

I don’t always agree with what he says but I definitely agree with his overall premise of independence from any one institution or body. Emails arrive everyday and if you miss anything there is a weekend wrap-up email that summarizes the previous week’s topics.

So you have two good reasons to read your email. Travelzoo for that spontaneous trip and Sovereign Man if you want to diversify your life and prepare for any eventualities the world may bring. Or maybe take a trip and not come back…

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