Best Travel Deals and News – December 13, 2011 – Airports for Tech Travelers, Type of Suitcase You Should Get, Midtown Manhattan on the Cheap, Best Days of the Week to Fly

by brian on December 13, 2011

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How I Worked My Way Around The World

A great inspirational story about how one woman quit her job and traveled around, using a variety of odd jobs, her current skills and developing new skills. For many the reason that they won’t quit the job they hate and travel or move to another country is that they don’t know how they will support themselves. It can be done, you just need to find the path for yourself.

20 Best U.S. Airports for Tech Travelers

What do tech travelers want most of all at airports? Free wi-fi and lots of electrical sockets for charging. In fact that would be great on planes too.

10 More Secrets Your Flight Attendant Won’t Tell You

Flight attendant is one of the most difficult jobs on travel. You have to be part psychologist, police officer, waitress, and baggage handler, among other things. Don’t make their lives any more difficult by doing some of the things listed.

Confessions of An Airline Baggage ‘Thrower’: Why You Should Buy A Four-Wheeler Suitcase

The four wheeler suitcase protects the baggage from handlers who throws the bags on the aircraft. The bigger planes are better for luggage because the checked items goes into large bins as opposed to being placed on individually.

It’s Time for New Year’s Resolutions Relating to Travel, and I’ve Declared a Bunch of Them

A list that shows what we may want to strive for in 2012 when it comes to travel.

Can It Be Done? Midtown on a Budget

Some good cheap options in Midtown Manhattan that I will definitely try out myself.

As Troops Leave, US Hotel Chains Move Into Iraq

There are areas of Iraq that are deemed safer than others and that is where American hotel chains are building up. Iraqi Kurdistan is that place that was spared most of the fighting, and where hotels want to put structures in place to take advantage of business opportunities.

Why Studying Abroad Is Worth the Expense

If you ever wondered if a college student could benefit from studying abroad, here is your proof to take to your parents.

How To Earn Frequent Flyer Miles Without Getting More Credit Cards

For those with bad credit or who don’t want to take on additional debt, here are some resourceful ways to gain more frequent flier miles.

The Best and Worst Days to Fly

Very detailed analysis of when to fly, according to season and holiday.

Bumping and Overbooking

Guide to what to do when planes are overbooked and then you are bumped from a flight. Know your rights and you can get more than your fellow passengers realize they can receive.

It’s Ski Season! Check Out Strategies for Cheaper Lift Tickets

It’s been abnormally warm across most the U.S. this winter, but these tips are for this winter and any in the future.

Traveling To Iran As Americans: All You Need to Know

Iran is a country most won’t even think about going to, but it is possible to travel there safely. From the article most Iranians are curious about Americans and the hate portrayed on TV seems to be the work of a small minority of people.

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