Best Travel News and Deals – December 6, 2011 – How to Get Free Accommodations, How to Find Housesitting Gigs, How to Get Cheaper Ski Lift Tickets, What You Learn When You Travel Alone

by brian on December 6, 2011

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The Travel Paradox And Why Women Know Best

Are women better travel planners than women? Could be. If we were to generalize, men just want to jump in there and do things, while women want to plan everything out. Again this is a generalization but found to be true in many cases. You’ll find the contrasts especially when couples travel.

My Flying Lesson
Alec Baldwin. Alec, just turn off the iPad and shut up please!

Travel Video of the Week
Health Tips for Travel to a Dangerous Country


How Panic Doomed Air France Flight 447

This story still bothers me because we don’t have all the facts with so many lives lost. The author’s hypothesis is that the pilots got scared when the plane’s systems malfunctioned. Had he calmed down and thought through the situation, he and everyone aboard would have lived, according to this article.

Sing For Your Supper, Work For Your Bed: “Free” Volunteer Vacations at Working Farms

Some of the best deals in travel. By working on farms or doing odd jobs, you can get a place to sleep and food. Sure beats staying in a pricey hotel or even a hostel. The tradeoff is the work. But if you’re able-bodied, you can do it.

How to Find Ski Lift Tickets for Less

This is the time for skiing and these are some great tips for you to save while you carve up the mountain.

Should English Be The World’s International Language?

If you talk to many people, it should. Until we get to the state of the Star Trek universal translator, we need one language so that we can all communicate. Then the argument would be, why not Mandarin Chinese? Or Spanish? Swahili? Because English is the language of the dominant Western world. In particular, the United States.

10 things to learn about yourself when traveling alone

I can say I definetely experienced all of this on my round the world trip. The one thing I really learned is that you really don’t need much to survive. I traveled for 4 months with just the clothes on my back and got on fine. It is liberating knowing that the possessions you think you need you really don’t.

How to get extra legroom on a plane

How to score extra legroom? If you don’t score one of those bulkhead or exit row seats, you’ve got to pay for it.

Get More Frequent Flier Miles Without Signing Up for Yet Another Credit Card

If you have bad credit can you accumulate frequent flyer miles like everyone else who uses credit cards (the fastest and most common way). Yes you can with a little creative work on your part.

How To Organize Your Own Press Trip

If you are a traveler who would love to get deeper into the travel industry while securing free or partial paid trips, a press trip is for you. If no one is knocking down your door offering them to you, then create your own. Sherry Ott has put together a blueprint of how to put on a press trip for yourself.

What Not to Do When Traveling Over the Holidays

Traveling the day of holidays has worked for me but this article recommends against it.

Top 25 Ways to Save on New York City Travel

Some good tips for Broadway shows and cheap meals amongst other things.

How to Travel for Less by Bartering

A traveler who stays in houses for free. Yes it is possible if you are a house-sitter. Walk the dog. Pick up the mail. Water the plants. Can you do that? Sure you can because you do it at home already. Why not do it abroad in a foreign country.

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