Best Travel Deals and News – December 21, 2011 – How To Tip When Traveling, Keeping Kids Under Control On Planes, Turning Off Devices When Flying, What Not To Do On A Tour, What To Do When You Lose Your Passport

by brian on December 21, 2011

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TSA launches toll-free help line for travelers with medical needs

This is very helpful if you or someone you know is in a wheelchair or has some other disability that would cause delay at the airport. It remains to be seen whether this will make folks feel better about the screening process. Will the interaction between the disabled public and front line TSA agents be better if there is some advanced warning before reaching the airport? One can only hope.

How Not To Fall Victim to Theft at the Airport and in the Air

I wrote a post about theft in the air when a flight attendant was caught stealing from passengers flying from Tokyo to Paris. Here are some more great tips to prevent someone stealing from you in the air or on the ground at the airport.

7 Tips For Flying With Young Kids

Good tips anytime of the year for flying with young kids. Giving them a good meal before the flight and trying to fly an overnight red eye seem like perfect ways to let the kids get rest, and everyone else around them too.

Technology at ski resorts offers skiers info, images of day on slopes

Very cool tech being used at ski resorts now. Anything that can be monitored or tracked on the slopes is being done now. The trails you’ve run, the distance traveled, calories burned etc. You can also get action shots of yourself gliding down the slopes, something that rarely happened unless someone else followed you down the mountain with a camera.

Apps to Keep Children Happy While You Travel

Just one thing: If you give a child a smartphone or tablet, please please, give them headphones. No one else on the plane wants to hear the beeps and blips that come that iPad. That could be more annoying than the kid screaming or running around.

Many fliers refuse to turn off electronic gadgets

Especially now with American Airlines giving their pilots iPads with all the maps and documentation needed to fly the planes in the first place. There will never be consensus. We can agree that the best explanation is that they want devices off during takeoff and landing so that passengers can focus on the directions from flight attendants.

Tipping guide for world travelers

You should definitely do research on this before you arrive on a foreign country. In some places to give a tip is offensive. You’d think people would want more money. But it does not always work like that.

Replacing a Missing Passport While Traveling Abroad

Have a copy of the passport photo page on your person when you travel and then take a scanned image of your passport and send it to yourself in email. Much faster to get back a passport and provide at least some type of identification while you wait for the replacement passport.

10 Things You Should Not Do When Traveling with Pets

Not sure about the rest of the world, but Americans love their cats and dogs. How do you take them on trips without endangering their health or lives and not causing problems for other passengers or pets?

How to Be A Tour Guide’s Nightmare

None of you would do any of this obnoxious stuff on a tour, would you? I remember having a guy who was constantly late when I led a trip to Costa Rica. It was bad enough when he made our group of 10 late. It was another thing when he delayed an entire boat of people who were not part of our tour. He was so shamed by all the eyes he as he boarded the boat late. I don’t think he was late again for the entire trip.

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