Passport Day 2012 in the USA – Just Take a Little Step Forward

by brian on February 20, 2012

Hopefully it will be on time this year. Passport Day 2011 was delayed by SIX months when the US federal government budget was approved, but it was awful close to the Saturday date, so they decided to preemptively cancel.

Passport Day 2012 in the USA is Saturday, March 10, and it provides the opportunity for you to visit your local Passport Agency Office and apply for a passport without an appointment if you don’t have one. If you need to renew or add pages, this is a great time to do it too.

Last year I went to Passport Day in New York City. I added pages and paid my fee for the pages and shipping. That was a Saturday. By Wednesday, 4 days later, it was delivered to me via US mail.

For folks looking to get their passport for the first time, this is a perfect opportunity. There probably won’t be any lines. Get there with the requirements, pay the fee and get out of there. You’ll have your passport in a few weeks, probably less time than that.

I’ve posted about Passport Day the last few years. Why do I post about this every year? Because sometimes it takes a small step to take big moves. That small move would be getting your passport. And it is a small move. But like many things, people make it more difficult than it really is. Get a couple of passport pictures and fill out the form and pay the fee. That is it.

The dream to travel is much like any task that can seem overwhelming. Break it down into small steps and then you can get to that trip you have been dreaming of. But first things first. Get the passport. That first step will get your momentum going and you’ll suddenly find yourself with opportunities to travel because you have the passport. Maybe something will come to you as you’re waiting for the passport to come back.

So mark your calendars and head out on Saturday with your application filled out, payment in hand and passport pictures ready to be used for the next 10 years, so make sure you like the shots. This small step is all you need to start that journey(s) of a lifetime.

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